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How to Select the Best Custom Cataract Surgeon

We understand how frustrating it can be as your vision becomes fuzzy and your prescription increases year after year, costing you hundreds of dollars and making it difficult to see without glasses and contacts.

Here’s great news: unlike traditional cataract surgery, Custom Cataract Surgery from LaserVue eliminates cataracts and improves your vision in a single procedure! Using Premium Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) instead of standardized lenses, combined with the surgical treatment of Astigmatism, we remove the fuzzy cataracts from your eyes and eliminate the need for contacts and glasses at the same time. You’ll love the results! In fact, one of our staff members has had Custom Cataract Surgery—just ask Bill about his experience.

During Cataract eye surgery, Dr. Magruder will replace your fuzzy lens with a clear, prescription lens, giving you clearer vision—and with Custom Cataract Surgery, you get a premium lens, fit perfectly to your eyes and condition, while refractive surgery corrects your vision. You will be amazed with the results! You will have almost no recovery time. You don’t have to live with cataracts or blurry vision any longer, but first you must choose the best cataract surgeon.

When it comes to your eyes, you want to feel confident your surgeon has extensive experience and the equipment they use is the best available. Ask yourself these 4 questions:

Who does your trusted doctor recommend?

"The Doctor’s Doctor,” Dr Magruder is humbled that hundreds of local physicians, of all specialties, have chosen him to perform surgery on themselves and their families. He has been chosen as one of Orlando Magazine’s Best Doctors two years in a row, and is the only Cataract and Refractive Surgeon to make the short list. This honor is the result of a vote of local physicians. He was also recently named by his peers in the prestigious Best Doctors in America for the eighth year in a row.

Does the surgeon have extensive experience in not only this procedure but other vision correction procedures?

Dr. Magruder has extensive experience performing cataract surgery, and has performed over 20,000 Cataract and RLE procedures in just over 20 years. He also specializes in other refractive surgeries, such as LASIK, PRK and ICL, and he has a proven track record.

Is the doctor local, so you can easily return to the office for pre and post-op exams?

Dr. Magruder has lived and worked in Orlando for over 20 years. You do not need to worry if he will be around to answer your questions in years to come.

Are your eyes for sale?

Many doctors sell you the procedure you want, but at LaserVue, we know you may not be a candidate for every procedure. We extensively examine your eyes, and develop a custom treatment plan for your vision correction. Dr. Magruder specializes in many surgical procedures, and will help you choose which is right for your particular situation without any sales pressure or added cost.

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Then, take the first step to eliminating your cataracts and getting excellent vision. Schedule your complete cataract evaluation at LaserVue today, where we will test your eyes and give you our professional recommendation. Or, simply give us a call. We’d love to speak with you about your particular situation.