See the Benefits of Our Custom Cataract Surgery

As we age, the vast majority of us develop cloudy vision caused by cataracts. However, as the most common surgical procedure performed in the U.S. today, new developments in cataract surgery allow for the removal of a cataract quickly and with little or no pain. And now, with recent technological advances in cataract treatment, you have more options than ever before, giving you better results and better vision!

Cataract Operation & Treatment

Cataract eye surgery replaces the fuzzy natural lens in your eye with premium prescription lenses. The painless procedure gives you immediate results and almost no recovery time.

At LaserVue, our Custom Cataract Surgery removes your cataracts and also improves your vision incorporating both new, premium lens implants and refractive surgery.

Imagine eliminating the fuzzy vision caused by your cataracts, and getting the crystal-clear vision you’ve always wanted—in the same procedure. With Custom Cataract Surgery at LaserVue, we can greatly reduce or eliminate your need for glasses without injection or stitches while also removing your cataracts. That means you eliminate your cataracts, get great vision, recover quickly for lasting results, and save hundreds and thousands of dollars on glasses and contacts over the years.

If you have cataracts, schedule your complete cataract consultation today to see how you can get better results from our Custom Cataract Surgery.

Custom Cataract Surgery vs Traditional Cataract Surgery

Anyone diagnosed with cataracts and in good health can receive cataract eye surgery at LaserVue to eliminate the cataracts causing fuzzy vision. However, Custom Cataract Surgery gives you additional choices including Premium Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) and other surgical procedures which incorporate the surgical treatment of Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and Astigmatism. The goal of Custom Cataract Surgery is to give you crystal-clear vision without the need for glasses and contacts.

The Custom Cataract Eye Surgery Process

At your first consultation, we perform extra tests, such as measuring pupil size, ocular aberrations, tear function, and corneal topography, to customize which premium implants fit your eyes, giving you better results than using standard Government Issue lens implants. Then, together with Dr. Magruder, you will discuss the results of your testing and your vision goals to choose the best lens combination for your particular conditions.

During your Custom Cataract Eye Surgery, you will meet Dr. Magruder at a local outpatient surgery center for the quick no-stitch, small incision eye surgery. Most of our patients see near-immediate results! Each eye must be corrected separately, so they will be done at two separate appointments.

The Risks of Custom Cataract surgery

How to choose?As one of the most common procedures, cataract eye surgery risks and complications are uncommon in excellent candidates. Rarely, patients report infection, which is typically treated with antibiotics. There is a small risk of retinal detachment and loss of vision, but when these do occur, it is most often in patients with preexisting conditions like diabetes, glaucoma or macular degeneration. LaserVue uses only the most advanced technology, and Dr. Magruder performs cataract eye surgery in a Medicare certified ambulatory surgical center with impeccably sterile conditions. Get better vision with less worry at LaserVue.

Take the first step to eliminating fuzzy vision and getting rid of contacts and glasses with Custom Cataract Surgery at LaserVue. To begin, simply schedule a priority evaluation for your Cataract examination, today.

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