See the Benefits of RLE Eye Surgery

Think of the amount of money you’ve spent on glasses and contacts. Think of the time you’ve spent cleaning, worrying and searching for glasses and contacts. With RLE eye surgery, you may not have to think about glasses and contacts ever again. RLE eye surgery, or Refractive Lens Exchange, replaces your natural lens with a premium, prescription lens of a different shape to give you sharper vision.

It eliminates or reduces farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism, prevents cataracts from developing as you age, and stops year-to-year prescription changes. Our patients have saved hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on glasses and contacts of the years—and you can too! The quick procedure usually gives you near-immediate, lasting results and almost no recovery time. The procedure can also treat astigmatism simultaneously.

Not counting your savings in time, just your financial savings can be tremendous. Use our free savings calculator now to estimate your savings.

RLE Eye Surgery

RLE eye surgery replaces the natural lens in your eye with premium prescription lenses, eliminating your increasing prescription. The painless procedure gives you immediate results and almost no recovery time.

Are You a Candidate for RLE Eye Surgery?

Almost anyone in good health is a candidate for RLE eye surgery, though most candidates are over 50. Unlike cataract surgery, RLE eye surgery can replace a clear lens, preventing cataracts from developing. Even if you have been told you’re not a candidate for laser eye surgery, RLE eye surgery could give you the results you want! Find out if you can benefit from RLE eye surgery, schedule your consultation with Dr. Magruder today.

The RLE Eye Surgery Process

At your first consultation, we will examine your eyes to assess your visual needs, vision history and prescription to develop a personalized vision correction plan that best fits your situation. For RLE eye surgery, you will meet Dr. Magruder at an outpatient surgery center close to our office. Soon after the procedure, you will see the clear results of surgery! Depending on your vision correction needs, you may need two appointments, because each eye must be corrected separately.

If you want to know more, read our step-by-step guide of what to expect before, during and after your RLE eye surgery procedure.

The Risks of RLE Eye Surgery

How to choose?Like many surgical procedures, RLE eye surgery has potential risks and complications, but they are rare. Examples are infection, retinal detachment and loss of vision. All of these can be treated. LaserVue uses only the most advanced technology, and Dr. Magruder has extensive experience performing RLE eye surgery. You can be sure you’re in great hands at LaserVue.

You probably have many more questions, so find out more about RLE eye surgery by requesting a consultation today.

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