Precise, Worry-Free Laser Cataract Surgery

With our new equipment for laser cataract surgery, you now get access to the latest treatment for ultimate confidence while undergoing vision restoration. This revolutionary system actually reconstructs a 3-D image of your cataract, delivering the precise care never available before. In fact, laser cataract surgery has been estimated at 10 times more accurate than the manual technique.

Laser Cataract Surgery

This advanced laser cataract surgery delivers:

  • Precise Incisions for Fewer Complications and Quicker Recovery
  • Simple Cataract Removal for Shorter, Easier Procedures
  • 3-D Imaging for Better Results than other Methods

What’s in it for you? Confidence. Confidence knowing that you can see a future with clear vision and have fewer risks in making this life-changing improvement to your sight. Make sure to discuss risks in your case with Dr. Magruder.

See Crystal-Clear Results of Cataract Surgery Customized to You

With this advanced cataract surgery option, you get a precise process that is customized to the exact shape of your eye. The reconstructed 3-D image of your eye lets us plan and carry out your cataract treatment tailored to every micrometer of your eye. You’re unique, and so are your eyes. This revolutionary treatment recognizes that not everyone’s eyes are alike and uses advanced imaging to calculate the exact care you need.

Clearly Your Best Cataract Removal Option

How to choose?With the precision of the laser cataract removal process, you can return to normal activities quicker than ever before with clear, vibrant vision. If your cataracts are giving you fuzzy vision that affects everyday activities like reading, driving and watching TV, don’t wait another day. With the advanced, precise results of laser cataract surgery, there’s never been a better time to reclaim your vision and see life the way it was meant to be seen.

Take advantage of a priority consultation with Dr. Magruder to find out how quickly and easily you can regain crystal-clear vision. We look forward to answering any other questions you have about eliminating your fuzzy vision to see all the details you’ve been missing.

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