How Lasik Surgery Helps The Military

LASIK for First Responders & the Military

As first responders and military personnel, perhaps the most physically and emotionally-challenging professions in America, you must be extremely cautious about your health and physical abilities in order to do your job well. Fumbling with glasses or wrestling with irritated contacts can jeopardize not only your career, but your life and the life of others around you.

With such high stakes, we understand the importance of flawless vision and the impact on maintaining your M.O.S., but we also know you may have some reservations about the safety of eye surgery and which procedure is right for you.

LASIK for Military Personnel

Traditionally, military personnel were restricted from having LASIK surgery because of the risk associated with the flap incision. While PRK eye surgery, a procedure very similar to LASIK eye surgery, provides the same caliber results, the military has recently begun to allow LASIK procedures. Check with your commanding officer for more information.

LaserVue has treated hundreds of Police Officers, Paramedics, Fire Fighters and Military personnel.

After performing more than 20,000 LASIK procedures, Dr. Magruder has years of experience treating patients, active military personnel and first responders. He understands the special demands of your job, and the restrictions you may have in regards to the type of procedures available to you. You can have confidence that Dr. Magruder can give you the flawless vision you need to perform under pressure in the safest way possible.

We also understand that because of your career, you can’t take weeks to recover from surgery. Our LASIK and laser eye surgery procedures take as little as 15 minutes and you can see near-immediate results. Our state-of-the art equipment drastically decreases recovery time, and Dr. Magruder’s expertise can get you back on the job in no time.

Let us evaluate your specific circumstances to see which procedure is right for your eyes and your career. Simply schedule a priority consultation to speak with Dr. Magruder today.