How Lasik Surgery Helps Busy Parents

Busy Parents: LASIK Eye Surgery Simplifies Your Routine

It’s easy to lose your glasses when you’re thinking about a million things at once. For busy parents, there’s not much time to even take a breath between kid’s baseball practice, dance lessons, dinner, bath time and bed time, so we understand the need to simplify everything else.

Imagine how much time and headache you’ll save because you never have to think about where you left your glasses, or if you have enough contact solution at home. Take the kids to the park or go watch their soccer game without worrying if the sand and grass will irritate your contact lenses. Get complete freedom from contact lenses so you can simplify your routine and focus on your kids.

Spend a few minutes on yourself now to spend more time
on your kids later.

We know as busy parents, you don’t have weeks to spend recovering from surgery or waiting for your vision to clear up. Don’t worry! LASIK and laser eye surgery procedures take as little as 15 minutes and you get near-immediate results. You’ll only need a babysitter for a few hours so you can get surgery and take a quick nap to recover. You’ll be amazed with the results!

Besides saving time, our procedures save you money—and with a growing family, we know you save every penny you can. You won’t need glasses, contacts, contact solution or repeated eye exams to upgrade your prescription. In only a few years, you will have saved more by having surgery! See how much you can save with our savings calculator.

Spend a few minutes with Dr. Magruder to see how you can get the vision you need to live your active and demanding lifestyle. Simply schedule a priority consultation today.