How Lasik Surgery Helps Business Professionals

Why Medical and Business Professionals Love the Results of Laser Eye Surgery

Are there any medical or business professionals who actually work from nine to five anymore? In this day and age, we know appointments, emergencies, meetings, projects and deadlines extend your workday well beyond the traditional eight hours. It’s right around crunch time when your contacts get cloudy, itchy and irritated, adding stress, anxiety and frustration to your already jam-packed day.

Our state-of-the-art technology promises better results and
a safer procedure.

Thanks to LASIK and laser vision correction procedures from LaserVue, eliminate the dry eyes, fatigue and irritation you experience from contact lenses and glasses after only a few hours at work. Using cutting-edge technology at LaserVue, Dr. Magruder can give you the vision you need to be productive during those long hours at the office or while staying up late to treat patients.

Business travel becomes easier. No more worrying about having the right size contact lens fluid to get through airport security or making sure you packed your reading glasses.

See how easy it is to remove added stress from your life—and your career--without glasses and contacts to worry about. Schedule your free priority consultation today!

LASIK for Business Professionals

LASIK eye correction surgery takes only 15 minutes, only a few hours to recover completely and most patients see near-immediate results.

The Trusted LASIK Surgeon for Orlando’s Medical Professionals

The preferred choice for physicians, nurses and surgeons in Central Florida, Dr. Magruder was chosen by countless local medical professionals who were searching for vision correction, just like you. Especially for nurses, doctors and surgeons in medical field, your vision is literally the difference between life and death for your patients. Fuzzy contacts, blurry vision and irritated, tearing eyes make your shift seem longer, and can impact your ability to help those in need. With LASIK and laser procedures from LaserVue you won’t have to worry about glasses or contacts any longer, so you can focus on helping patients.

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LASIK and laser vision correction procedures take the added stress out of your workday.

Forget the headaches you usually get from straining to read paperwork or your computer screen. Never bother with the annoyance of wearing glasses that slip off your nose, get lost in your purse or buried in a desk drawer. Get freedom from Dr. Magruder.

You don’t have the time to take off a few weeks of work to fix your vision. With LASIK vision correction at LaserVue, you will see near-immediate results! Imagine the freedom you’ll enjoy without glasses, contacts, contact solution, glasses cases, irritation or blood-shot eyes when you’re working late. You’ll be more productive during the day, and your coworkers and clients will notice a positive change in your attitude and appearance.