How Lasik Surgery Helps Athletes

Great Vision for Athletes & Weekend Warriors

Finding the best LASIK and Laser procedures to keep you in the game.

Whether you run, catch, dribble, swing or tackle for a living or just for fun, the hassles of glasses and contacts can quickly take you out of contention. Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike have challenged their reservations about how eye surgery will affect their active lifestyle to win with better vision through our years of experience treating famous and infamous athletes. At LaserVue, we understand your fears, and can prescribe treatment that will give you the competitive edge you need to keep winning with your sports and activities.

Vision Correction For Athletes and Weekend Warriors

Allergies are one of the most common reasons for athletic patients seek vision correction. LASIK can’t cure your allergies, but it eliminates contact lenses that make irritants worse.

Eliminate your need for glasses or contacts to better focus on your game.

Athletes contend with many more irritants than anyone sitting in an office.

Dirt, grass and sweat—just to name a few—get kicked up and can become lodged in your eye, and there isn’t a sanitary place, like a bathroom or sink to clean it out. When you step onto the court or out on the field, your contacts should be the last thing you think about—and with LASIK and laser surgery from LaserVue, eliminate the need for annoying contacts so you can concentrate on the competition.

You have options when it comes to vision correction procedures that give you the same, flawless results, without slowing you down. Many athletes fear LASIK surgery will leave them vulnerable while playing contact sports, but PRK eye surgery eliminates that risk, giving you the same, razor-sharp eye sight.

Just ask Dr. Boodram, our optometric physician and avid basketball player, who had PRK eye surgery and says it was the best choice he’s ever made.

From professional golfers, basketball players, wrestlers and lacrosse players, Dr. Magruder has helped thousands of athletes, both professional and casual, win the edge over the competition with flawless vision. Schedule a priority consultation to speak with Dr. Magruder about how our procedures can improve your game.