The LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery Facts You Absolutely Must Know

Some practices try to pressure or “sell” you on a specific procedure that may not be the best option for your eyes. Before you do anything, learn all the eye surgery facts so you can reject the hype from the non-medical sales people to make the right decision about treating your condition and choosing a surgeon.

Eye Surgery Fact: There is no one-size-fits-all vision
correction procedure.

Your eye conditions, structure and genetic makeup differ from every other person on this earth. Each procedure works to fix a different set of circumstances, and the correct procedure for you may be different than the best procedure for another patient. In fact, the best procedure may differ from eye to eye! Your left eye could need PRK while your right needs LASIK eye surgery. And you may not be a good candidate for LASIK or laser eye surgery. Only with an extensive eye exam can you know for sure.

While some doctors offer $299 LASIK eye surgery sales, don’t be fooled. Your eyes are not for sale to the lowest bidder and your condition can’t be grouped in a tidy category with any other patient’s condition.

Have confidence in Dr. Magruder’s individualized treatment plans.

At LaserVue, the purpose of your first eye consultation is to complete extensive testing on your eyes, your glasses history, family history and future vision goals to be sure we have a complete assessment of your condition. Only after a complete examination will Dr. Magruder—not a sales person like you’ll find at other LASIK centers—personally recommend an individualized treatment plan, carefully explaining exactly what to expect and any risks involved.

We won’t pressure you into scheduling surgery, and we won’t sell you the most popular procedure we perform. Simply, Dr. Magruder and the staff at LaserVue want to give you the best results possible, and we work to make you as comfortable with your decision as possible. Then, after surgery, we follow up on your healing process for a full year to be sure you get lasting results.

See if you’re a good candidate for vision correction, and speak with Dr. Magruder personally about his individualized treatment plans. Schedule a consultation at LaserVue today.