The State-of-the-Art Eye Surgery Equipment and Technology at LaserVue

Get better results and less recovery time with LaserVue’s WaveLight Allegretto laser, the only Intralase iFS laser in Florida.

As Orlando’s premier laser eye surgery center, LaserVue has a reputation for providing personalized care to each patient using the most advanced eye surgery equipment and technology available. That means you feel safer, get better results and have a shorter recovery time.

As the only laser to incorporate Wavefront Technology from its inception, our laser gives you better vision—especially at night—and razor sharp accuracy. With Dr. Magruder’s experience, and the benefits of the most advanced laser technology on the market, you’ll have confidence knowing you’re in good hands with LaserVue:

  • Better results—Better technology gives you better, more accurate results. 
  • Less recovery time--Wavefront Optimized treatment strategy means we can fix your near or farsightedness without changing the shape of your cornea. 
  • Allegretto laser tracking system—Tracking technology locks onto your eye, so it moves as your eye moves and does not require your eyes to be dilated. 
  • Faster surgery—Treatments take a matter of seconds, increasing your comfort and reducing anxiety.

Our Better, All-Laser LASIK Eye Surgery

LaserVue’s cool beam, WaveLight Allegretto Laser, paired with the Intralase iFS laser provides a better All-laser LASIK eye surgery procedure. The Allegretto laser performs the surgery while the Intralase FS laser gives you a bladeless, more accurate and safer flap during LASIK eye surgery. Our patients love the peace of mind they have knowing our dual-laser LASIK eye surgery treatment benefits from the most advanced technology:

  • Accurate eye tracker technology moves with your eyes 
  • Fast laser spot technology to shorten the procedure to mere seconds 
  • Less intrusive surgery allows a broader range of patients 
  • Customized treatment to fit your eyes specifically to optimize results 
  • The only laser technology shown to improve night vision

But the best way to understand our technology is to ask our experts. We’ll even let you see the lasers on your first visit. Find out why our technology gives you the safest, best results. Schedule a priority consultation today.